Organizational Intelligence Institute

Workforce Surveys & Assessments

The Organizational Intelligence Institute can design and deploy web-based survey and assessment projects that meet your organization's specific needs. With our leading-edge survey technology and back-end infrastructure, we can administer, analyze, and generate reports for any survey or assessment effort in multiple languages around the world.

  • Employee/Organizational Surveys - we offer a customizable and validated core survey instrument based on the Organizational Intelligence Model™

  • Exit Surveys - we offer closed-loop solutions to design, deploy, and analyze employee exit surveys

  • Leadership and Management Intelligence - we provide organization-wide surveys to measure overall leadership and management quality and effectiveness to identify priorities for growth, development, and change

  • Needs Assessments - we offer quick and efficient solutions to identify learning, skill, and performance gaps in your organization

  • Change Readiness Surveys - we provide diagnostic assessments to pinpoint your organization's readiness for change

  • Pulse Surveys - we offer quick and easy solutions to design, deploy, and analyze pulse surveys anywhere, anytime

  • Client-Centered Surveys - we provide customizable solutions to design and deploy general purpose surveys that meet your specific requirements (i.e., surveys done your way!)

  • Multi-rater / 360° Feedback Systems - we offer several 360° feedback solutions for various employee groups and purposes, including our C4X product suite

Of course 90% of everything is crap. That goes for academic research too. But hard facts help you decide who to believe. Are they claiming that the same old ideas are brand new? Are they claiming to be lone geniuses? Do they claim to have breakthrough ideas? All of us - I plead guilty too - are full of it at times.
- Dr. Robert I. Sutton, Stanford University