Organizational Intelligence Institute

Workforce Surveys & Assessments

The Organizational Intelligence Institute can design and deploy web-based survey and assessment projects that meet your organization's specific needs. With our leading-edge survey technology and back-end infrastructure, we can administer, analyze, and generate reports for any survey or assessment effort in multiple languages around the world.

  • Employee/Organizational Surveys - we offer a customizable and validated core survey instrument based on the Organizational Intelligence Model™

  • Exit Surveys - we offer closed-loop solutions to design, deploy, and analyze employee exit surveys

  • Leadership and Management Intelligence - we provide organization-wide surveys to measure overall leadership and management quality and effectiveness to identify priorities for growth, development, and change

  • Needs Assessments - we offer quick and efficient solutions to identify learning, skill, and performance gaps in your organization

  • Change Readiness Surveys - we provide diagnostic assessments to pinpoint your organization's readiness for change

  • Pulse Surveys - we offer quick and easy solutions to design, deploy, and analyze pulse surveys anywhere, anytime

  • Client-Centered Surveys - we provide customizable solutions to design and deploy general purpose surveys that meet your specific requirements (i.e., surveys done your way!)

  • Multi-rater / 360° Feedback Systems - we offer several 360° feedback solutions for various employee groups and purposes, including our C4X product suite

Finally, a practical, six-step process approach for evaluating a broad range of training and learning, performance improvement, and talent management interventions (both instructional and non-instructional in nature). Combs and Falletta's approach pushes the envelope and moves us beyond Kirkpatrick's four-level evaluation model.
- Dr. Jessica Kriegel, OD Consultant, Oracle