Organizational Intelligence Institute

Organizational Intelligence Modelâ„¢

The Organizational Intelligence Modelâ„¢ depicted below serves as a useful framework to facilitate the design and interpretation of most employee survey or organizational assessment efforts.

The model includes 11 factors or variables that impact employee engagement and organizational performance. In many ways, the model can be thought of as a representation of your organization.

The variables in the upper part of the model such as environmental inputs, leadership, strategy, and culture represent the strategic drivers - whereas, the factors in the lower part of the model represent the primary drivers or key indices of organizational capability and execution which in turn drive performance.

In short, the model defines important factors and relationships to consider during HR strategic planning and innovation efforts.

Of course 90% of everything is crap. That goes for academic research too. But hard facts help you decide who to believe. Are they claiming that the same old ideas are brand new? Are they claiming to be lone geniuses? Do they claim to have breakthrough ideas? All of us - I plead guilty too - are full of it at times.
- Dr. Robert I. Sutton, Stanford University